If you work in Records Management, Document Management is likely to be the mainstay of your tasks, whether at a managerial level or at the sharp end. The industry operates in an every changing environment and never more so than now as many companies move from paper to electronic Document Management. Whether your company is just thinking about making the move, is the middle of a migration project or in the final throes of the shift to new technologies in Document Management, don’t miss the Health Sciences Records and Archives Association (HSRAA) Annual Conference.  This years’ conference, taking place in Brighton, UK between 25th – 27th April 2018, has a session on Document Management with three speakers looking at different aspects of moving from paper to electronic systems.

Paul Fenton from Montrium starts of the session with ‘Digitisation of Clinical Research Records’.  In this presentation Paul will look at how dynamic and intuitive technology can help life science organisations better manage their clinical trial documentation in real time.

Next, Sherman Williams from Daiichi Sankyo will take us through ‘The Principles of Document Management from Opening Act to the Final Curtain’.  The presentation is based on a recent electronic document management implementation project. Whether your organisation is thinking of implementing a document control policy for the first time or working on ways to improve an existing document management system, this presentation will be an invaluable resource to achieving success.

To wrap up the session Jody Salisbury of Takeda will use her 20 plus years of  information and records management experience to take us through her presentation entitled ‘Case Study: Implementing a New Records Management Database’.  Jody will share her experiences of implementation and migration, including the successes, the pitfalls and the lessons learnt.

So, if you need to know more about Document Management, take a look at the full conference agenda online and register early to come along.