The HSRAA Operations Committee is currently operating on reduced numbers and is struggling to secure volunteers to supplement the Committee. Consequently, there is often insufficient volunteer resource to ensure scheduled tasks are progressed in a timely manner without negatively impacting on a volunteer’s working day and/or personal life. The HSRAA Operations Committee has therefore agreed to outsource specific tasks related to its annual conference with the intention of reducing the burden on Committee members and other HSRAA members.

The activities to be outsourced are:

  • venue identification;
  • venue management prior to conference;
  • liaison with potential and confirmed speakers regarding attendance (excluding presentation content);
  • venue management during conference; and
  • venue management activities post-conference

If you feel you are able to provide this service to HSRAA, please download the Conference Admin Request for Proposal (RFP) and submit your proposal by the deadline as outlined in the RFP. Alternatively, if you know of suitable companies who may be able to meet our needs, please forward the RFP to them. Full details of the services required, process and timelines are contained within the RFP document.