With HSRAA 2020 only round the corner we wanted to give you a sneak peak into what we have planned for you all. In this article, the first of a series we look at Bob McDowall’s presentation

We are delighted that one of the leading names in Data Integrity is able to join us for a session that will look at overcoming short term problems whilst still keeping an eye on long term system improvement and introducing methods that will stand the test of time. Anyone who has worked within a like data environment will know that whilst the Long-term projects are those that they want to move towards to deliver efficiency and a compliant environment there also needs to be a pragmatic balance on fixing the issues that are impacting the business right now!

Bob McDowall, Director, R D McDowall Limited will look at Data Integrity Assessments of Computerised Systems: Short Term Remediation and Long Term Solutions and bring a real life example of conducting this approach and no doubt exploring the compromises and decisions that had to be made along the project journey.

Bob has been running his own Consulting business for over 25 years and through that period of time has built up the amount of experience that makes his presentations so rich in content and useful. We hope you can join us in Windsor on the 23rd & 24th April

Presentation abstract

Data integrity is not just numbers and the scope of the programme of work will be explained by a data integrity model. One of key requirements in a data integrity programme is assessment of computerised systems and their remediation which may include both short term procedural fixes and long term solutions involving technical controls and the elimination of hybrid systems. An example of an assessment of a laboratory system will be presented along with the advantages and disadvantages of procedural and technical controls.

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