Whether or not we want to accept it, digital media are not going away, only changing. Regardless of our industry, we rely on it in some capacity.  This reliance brings on an entire new set of conditions; digital objects are fragile: at risk of loss, corruption or obsolescence, not to mention unlawful alteration or theft.

At the Health Sciences Records and Archives Association (HSRAA) Annual Conference, Sarah Day Thomson from the Digital Preservation Coalition will be talking about Getting Started with Digital Preservation: an Overview, providing an overview that will give the attendee essential information on where and how to start. Sarah Day Thomson, who recently authored two Technology Watch Reports on ‘Preserving Social Media’ and ‘Preserving Transactional Data’, will bring her industry experience and savvy to help address your concerns in the digital media realm.

After getting started, Daniel Hickmore of Arkivum will address ‘Digital Archiving Strategies’ that are needed for effective preservation, yet flexible enough to adapt to the advancing technologies and standards to ensure access and legibility of digital content.

Finally, Jessica Hogg of Reckitt Benckiser will discuss ‘Gradual Steps Towards a Paperless Future’.  Jessica will bring her recent experience as her company moved from a paper archive to a digital global data-sharing collaboration.  During this changing environment, the move included using an external provider.  The session will look at a method that involves targeting a distinct collection of previously unmanaged electronic data and, with the help of an external partner, protecting it indefinitely.

In this digital age, anyone who has to mitigate risk and manage digital media should attend this session. So, if you need to know more about Digital Archiving, take a look at the full conference agenda online and register to come along early.