OnRecord cover - the journal of the Health Sciences Records and Archives AssociationONrecord (formerly Sagacity) is the bi-annual publication of the Health Sciences Records and Archives Association (HSRAA), formerly the Scientific Archivists Group. It provides informative articles and features on topical archiving and records management subjects. The publication aims to keep members abreast of development within the industry. The publication also carries materials from the group’s conferences. As well as regular features such as conference, AGM notes, and other group related news items.

ONrecord is distributed to all registered HSRAA members.

Back issues of ONrecord and Sagacity are an essential resource for all of those who have a key role in the archiving and records management industry. Back issues can be downloaded from the Members Area.

The following is a list of selected articles from previous issues of ONrecord and Sagacity that are available in the members area.

DateDisciplineSubject AreaTitleAuthor
2018-01Records ManagementRecords ManagementDeparting Employees: Ensuring Protection of Trade Secrets and Intellectual PropertyRoger Poole, Ogletree Deakins
2018-01GDPRGDPRData Protection Impact Assessments under GDPRIbrahim Hassan, Act Now Training Ltd
2018-01GDPRGDPRPreparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): 12 Steps to Take NowICO
2018-01TechnologyTechnologyScanning with Mobile Devices -A Personal ExperienceMichael Bursian, Grünenthal AG
2018-01GxPData IntegrityHow to Avoid Electronic Data Integrity Issues: 7 Techniques for Your Next Validation ProjectGianna De Rubertis, Montrium Inc
2017-06Records ManagementProject ManagementProject Management for Records Managers and ArchivistsSarah Curno, Hedian Records Management Ltd
2017-06GxPData IntegrityMHRA Data Integrity SummaryMartin Reed, MHRA
2017-06GDPRGDPRThe New EU General Data Protection RegulationIbrahim Hassan, Act Now Training Ltd
2017-06TechnologyInformation GovernanceReimagining Information Governance with BlockchainSteve Weissman & Alan Pelz-Sharpe
2017-06Records ManagementProject ManagementThe Practical Application of MindMapping for Records Managers and ArchivistsFiona Waddell, Tower Mains QA Ltd
2017-06GxPArchivingThe Challenges of Archiving in a Non-Commercial WorldCara Lax-Williams, Cancer Research UK
2017-06Records ManagementProject ManagementHow to Successfully Market Records Management to EmployeesRegina Woellner, Roche Pharmaceuticals AG
2017-06Records ManagementInformation GovernanceInformation Governance: Turning Jargon into RealityEldin Rammell, Rammell Consulting Ltd
2017-01GCPRegulationICH GCP Guidelines (E6) Addendum Now AvailableEldin Rammell
2017-01GxPRegulationMHRA Draft Guidance on GxP Data IntegrityEldin Rammell
2017-01GCPRegulationDraft Addendum to ICH E6 meets ALCOAOliver Herrman
2017-01GLPRegulationGLP Consultative CommitteeRichard Pennicard
2017-01RMTrial Master FileUpdate on the TMF Reference ModelKaren Roy
2016-06GxPInformation GovernanceInformation Governance -Don’t Forget About the PaperReynold Leming, UK Software Ltd
2016-06GLP / GMPData IntegrityPaper Vs Electronic Records: Pros & Cons from a GMP/GLP PerspectiveKate Krachai, Quality Context Ltd
2016-01GxPeArchivingDigital Preservation of Critical Content A Life Sciences PerspectiveIsabell Berry, AdLib Software
2016-01GxPData IntegrityThe Ubiquity and Value of MetadataRussell Joyce, Heath Barrowcliff Consulting Ltd
2015-06GLPeArchivingArchiving Electronic Raw and Source Data: The real ChallengeTim Stiles, Qualogy Regulatory Archive Services
2015-06GxPeArchivingDigital Preservation: Challenges and SolutionsEd Fay, Open Preservation Foundation
2015-06Records ManagementData IntegrityPlanning and Executing Effective eRecords and Data MigrationErik Sokolovsky, itsystems AG
2015-06GxPCSVComputer Systems Validation: “The Tempest” or “Much Ado about Nothing”?Trevor Simmons, CSV Consultant
2015-06GCPeTMFVersion 3.0 of the Trial Master File Reference Model is LaunchedEldin Rammell, Rammell Consulting Ltd
2015-01GxPDigital RecordsSix Cloud Compliance Challenges Facing Life Science CompaniesOliver Pearce
2015-01ITArchivesArchiving Electronic Records – a Technical PerspectiveHugh O’Neill
2015-01ArchivingGuidanceHow to Avoid Being Boxed into a CornerStephen Howard
2014-07ITDigital RecordsDocument Lifecycle ManagementOlivier Pâris
2014-07ITDigital RecordsEmail Archiving using the PDF/A-3 ISO StandardGary Hodkinson
2014-07GCPClinical ResearchA Brief History of Clinical Research (Part 1)Gareth Hayes
2014-01GxPRegulationMHRA Stakeholder Engagement MeetingRichard Pennicard
2014-01GCPTrial Master FileThe Trial Master File: Confidence in Providing TMF for Regulatory Inspection or Legal DiscoveryEldin Rammell and Lisa Mulcahy
2014-01ArchivingArchivesContracts and Service Level Agreements for Off-site Commercial ArchivesNeil Gow
2014-01GCPTrial Master FileThe Big Win for Sponsors: Moving from Paper to Electronic TMFsSheila Mahoney-Jewels & Toni Lakin
2013-06GCPRegulationHow useful is the Silver Guide to Archivists?Fiona Waddell
2013-06RMDigital RecordsPreserving e-Mail – Records Management PerspectivesJames Lappin
2013-06RMDigital RecordsDigital Archiving Maturity ModelJon Tilbury
2013-06GLPRegulationGLP Consultative Committee UpdateRichard Pennicard
2013-06GCPRegulationHow useful is the Silver Guide to Archivists?Fiona Waddell
2013-06RMe-MailPreserving e-Mail –Records Management PerspectivesJames Lappin
2013-06RMRecords PreservationDigital Archiving Maturity ModelJon Tilbury
2013-02ITArchive DatabaseProcuring an Archive & Records Management System for Now …and the FutureKeith Dacey
2013-02ITCloud ComputingCloud Computing: Consequences for ComplianceChris Montgomery
2013-02RMRecords MigrationMigrant Records, Hard WorkMark Fresko
2013-02GCPRegulationBook Review –Good Clinical Practice Guide, MHRAEldin Rammell
2012-06GxPArchivesGuidance on Selecting GxP Commercial Records Storage ProvisionJody Salisbury, Russell Joyce, Thomas Altenwerth
2012-06GLPRegulationGLP Consultative Committee UpdateRichard Pennicard
2012-06GxPRisk ManagementCAPA Basics – Corrective and Preventive ActionBarbara K Immel
2012-06ArchivingArchivesHow to Avoid Being Boxed into a CornerRussell Joyce & Stephen Howard
2012-06GxPArchivesAuditing of a Contract ArchiveKaren Hunt
2012-06RMRecords RetentionSuccessful disposals: Why? How? Overcoming barriers!Clive Lonie, David Bowen & Gary Johnston
2012-06GxPPoliciesSOP AdministrationNeil Gow
2011-12DPData ProtectionRecords Management and Data ProtectionAlan McQuitty
2011-12BCPBusiness ContinuityTraining and Exercising for Business Continuity SuccessNick Berry
2011-06H&SHealth & SafetyHealth & Safety – Take Another LookSam Alexander
2011-06GCPTrial Master FilesTMF Reference ModelKaren Redding
2011-06GxPTrainingTraining RecordsTim Stiles
2011-06GLPRegulationGLP Consultative Committee MinutesRichard Pennicard
2010-12GCPGuidanceGCP-RMA Relevant Communications DocumentsEldin Rammell
2010-12GCPGuidanceRetention Times for Clinical DataElizabeth Hooper & Russell Joyce
2009-12ArchivingArchivesHas Paper Had its DayLiz Hooper
2009-12H&SHealth & Safety“What do other Archives use for Fire Protection?”Alan Churchland
2009-12ArchivingArchivesUplifting an Archive Collection to Offsite StorageChris Jones
2009-06GLPRegulationGLP Consultative Committee MinutesRichard Pennicard
2008-12ArchivingArchivesContracts and Service Level Agreements for Off Site Commercial ArchivesNeil Gow
2008-12GCPTrial Master FileThe Future of TMF in an Electronic AgeJeff Morelli
2008-12GMPArchivesGMP ArchivingJames Cunningham
2008-06RMDigital RecordsElectronic Submissions, eCTD and Records ManagementGeoff Williams
2008-06GxPArchivesArchiving ChemicalsRichard Pennicard
2008-06ArchivingArchivesHow Not to ArchiveElizabeth Hooper & Russell Joyce
2008-06ITITResults – Top Ten Security ThreatsNorman Mortell
2006-08ArchivingArchivesPlanning & Executing Moves of Archived RecordsChris Jones
2005-08GCPRegulationReview of Directive 2005/28/EC:Christine Morris
2005-08GLPRegulationGLP Consultative Committee MinutesRichard Pennicard
2005-08RMDigital RecordsUnlocking the Secrets of Electronic RecordsAiden Brown
2005-01BCPBusiness ContinuityBusiness Continuity Relies on Records: They're Called ‘Vital’ for a ReasonSandy Chalmers
2005-01DPData ProtectionData Privacy and Freedom of Information in PharmaceuticalsSandy Chalmers
2005-01ArchivingArchivesSo When is an Archive not an Archive?David Hurst
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