The Electronic Records (e-records) Community Forum was formed in 2014 and has 14 members. A monthly teleconference takes place various topics are considered.  The aim is to produce guidance documents for the use of HSRAA members and the wider community in order to promote the HSRAA.


A list of topics raised by the HSRAA members via the discussion forums are considered, with priority given  to areas considered most useful. So far, guidance documents have been written on audio visual records, the use of PDF, and electronic signatures.  These are available on our white papers page. The eRecords Community Forum drafted the 2nd edition of the HSRAA  Guide to the Archiving of Electronic Records. HSRAA Members can participate in our online discussion forum here:

Get involved

The e-records Community Forum welcomes new discussion topics to add to the list and new members who wish to get involved and help develop the guidance documents.

If you would like to get involved, have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the eRecords Community Forum leader using the contact form.