It may be a rare occasion, but when the Company Lawyer says ‘we have a Legal Hold Notice’ would you smile to yourself and think ‘this will be easy’ or would this statement send you into an understandable blind panic?  Perhaps you have already experienced this situation or maybe it is yet to come?  Either way, you will learn some interesting and helpful information at the Health Sciences Records and Archives Association (HSRAA) Annual Conference.  This years’ conference, taking place in Brighton, UK between 25th – 27th April 2018 has a session where three speakers look at different aspects of how legal affects and interacts with Records Management:

  • Lacie Kerner, a Commercial Litigation Solicitor at Brachers LLP, starts the session with ‘Understanding the Disclosure Process in Litigation’.  Lacie will look at the obligations of each parties and how effective management of information, records and documents can help to make the litigation process less time consuming and more cost effective.
  • Next, the CEO of Harlequin CDIS Ltd, Nick Bridgen, looks at ‘Utilising Cyber Security & Cyber Protection to Your Advantage’. With the increased levels of cyber threats as well as additional levels of compliancy being introduced this year, Nick will examine cyber security from the perspective of information governance.
  • Lastly in this session, Neil Gow of UCB provides insight into ‘The Role of Records Management in Litigation’.  Neil will present a study of the lessons learned from an actual litigation examining how records managers and archivists can be prepared for and respond to investigations.

These three highly informative presentations will be followed by a questions and answer panel session.

So, if you need to know more about Legal and Records Management, take a look at the full agenda for this cost effective conference online and register early to come along.