This was the title of an article that appeared in our members’ publication in August 1998….. over 20 years ago! No, my memory is not that good! I’ve been digitising our old Sagacity journals and came across this article earlier this week.

At the time, Lesley Almond was SAG (Scientific Archivists Group) Chair and the committee included folks such as Elaine Stott, Liz Hooper, Liz Tribe and Karen Box. The Sagacity article covers a discussion session that took place in Chester at our Spring Conference in May 1998.

The reason I am highlighting it now is that even though the article was written over 20 years ago, it has real relevance today. The group were discussing the Scientific Archivists Group and how it could be improved. Included were: make a membership list available to members (now available to members on our website); include personal profiles of members (personal profiles now available on the website); is the group’s name too restrictive and outdated (we changed the name in 2018 to be more representative of what we do); need for more input from members (yes, we still struggle with that one!); develop a SAG website (yes, we did that too!).

So many of the issues that were on our agenda in 1998 are still relevant today. As a professional association we need to continually review what we are doing to make sure we stay current and make sure we meet the needs of our members. It is also important that we listen to our members and give an opportunity to contribute. ideas If any member has suggestions for change or wishes to contribute to the association, please get in touch with the committee.

Here’s to the next 20 years!

Eldin Rammell, SAG Ltd Director & Chair.

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