The Management of Electronic Records Training Courses

This two-day online training course has been designed to provide guidance to those responsible for the management of electronic records within their organsiation, including:

  • the management of records in regulated business systems (such as electronic trial master files and SharePoint sites);
  • the management of record life-cycles, including record creation and templates;
  • and the management of electronic archives.

The course covers all aspects of managing electronic records and the specific regulatory requirements that apply in this area. Specific topics covered include:

  • Regulatory and Legal Requirements
  • File formats and Storage Media
  • Electronic Record-keeping Tools
  • Electronic Mail
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Digital Preservation Strategies
  • Archive Solutions

Prices and Booking

Each online course comprises two half-day online sessions: Part 1 and Part 2. All courses run from 14.00hrs-17.30hrs GMT. You can book any Part 1 session with any Part 2 session. The online course dates are as follows:

The cost for one half-day online session (i.e the cost per “part”) is £75 for HSRAA Members or £125 for Non-members. If you would like to become an HSRAA member (£60 per annum) to benefit from the discounted rate, please click here.

Please contact us if you would prefer to have group training delivered in person

  • at your place of work (we’ll provide a quotation) or
  • somwhere else (subject to sufficient interest, we’ll schedule a date, time, and venue).

Please Note HSRAA uses third-party booking systems that only provide for online payment by credit or debit card and does not have the facility either to generate invoices manually or to take offline payments. If you do not have a corporate credit or debit card, you may wish to pay using your personal credit or debit card and follow your organisation’s standard process for employee reimbursement of expenses as you would to reclaim travel costs. HSRAA is not registered for VAT and so no VAT is charged.

Delegate Feedback

  • Excellent food for thought
  • Digital preservation steps breakdown very helpful
  • Really lively, informative & inclusive workshop – really enjoyed this
  • Very good organisation – everything flowed well
  • This workshop was very useful to me because I could have a lot of new knowledge
  • I appreciated the informal and intimate atmosphere during the workshop
  • Scientific archivists rock!