You can hardly have missed the news that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in just four months’ time. There has been plenty of publicity about the GDPR and plenty of mis-information! We’ve read reports of companies being liable for multimillion pound fines for non-compliance and the need for major operational changes to stay aligned with the new requirements. How much of this is true?

If you come along to the HSRAA Annual Conference 2018, you can find out more about the GDPR. Specifically, you will hear from:

  • Reynold Leming about Information Audits which could help your company assess their GDPR risks. Reynold is an Information Governance consultant at Informu Solutions and an Executive of the Information and Records Management Society
  • Dora Endreffy about how to draft a Data Disposition Strategy. Dora is an administration and Records Management professional at ICON plc
  • Juliane Schunselaar about how a diagnostics imaging company has prepared for the new GDPR requirements for May 2018. Juliane is the Information Manager and Data Protection Officer at Blue Earth Diagnostics Limited.

This will be a great opportunity to learn a little more about GDPR from Reynold, Dora  and Juliane, including some first hand experience of how to prepare for the GDPR.

Of course, the agenda contains much more than this. Check out the full agenda online and come back again soon for news of other conference presentations.