A Professional Records Management Association

Diagrammatic representation of the document lifecycle - essential for the Health Sciences Records and Archives Assoication

Established in 1981, the initial aim of this not-for-profit association was to provide support, guidance and networking for those working with GxP archives. However, over the last ten years, healthcare organisations have shown a growing interest in the management of records from creation to destruction.  To reflect the organisations’ developing requirements, the HSRAA has grown in scope to cover all areas of Records Management.  With this in mind, the HSRAA’s evolution in scope was recognised in the Articles of Association when the group was incorporated as a UK limited company in 2011. Whilst registered as a UK company, its primary focus is pan-European. Members may join from any country globally.

Aims of the Health Sciences Records and Archives Association:

  • Raise the profile of records management and archiving as business critical activities;
  • Improve the professional competencies of records managers and archivists;
  • Encourage the consistent interpretation of pertinent laws, regulations and guidance; and
  • Influence the regulatory environment.

To achieve these aims, the association will:

  • Provide training in the theory and practice of records management and archiving in GxP environments;
  • Encourage the professional competency of its members and promote cooperation with other organisations;
  • Support the advancement of standards for GxP records management and archiving;
  • Publish position papers on current issues, new regulations, emerging trends and technology advances;
  • Engage in consultation processes to provide feedback to regulatory agencies; and
  • Organise meetings and other events to allow the exchange of information in the field of records management and archiving.

If you would like to join us, you can find more details here.

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