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HSRAA Launches Volunteer Programme

The Volunteer area on the HSRAA website is now live!

You can either go the homepage and click on the large purple¬†VOLUNTEER button or navigate using the dropdown menus at the top of the home page.¬† Hover over ‘Members’ and you will see ‘Volunteer’ at the bottom of the dropdown list.

There are opportunities to help out with all manner of activities:

  • Event organisation
  • The HSRAA publication ONrecord
  • Training
  • Finance
  • Communications
  • The HSRAA Website
  • Membership

On the Volunteer webpage, HSRAA members can view a list of assignments ranging from sourcing articles for ONrecord to writing a quick 30 minute or one hour training webinar session. The tasks are varied in nature, take different amounts of time to complete and may be regular such as 2 to 4 hours per month or a one off. Some task can be carried out by two or more people working together to produce an effective outcome.

Each listed task has a heading which gives you a good idea of the overall task, along with more details if you want to know more.  The tasks are tagged with the topic e.g. Training etc, the amount of time it is expected to take to complete, and the frequency.  Tasks which are ongoing are also tagged as such.

If you want to look at all tasks related to a particular tag, click on that tag in the right hand side bar of the volunteer webpage and this will bring up all the tasks associated with the tag.

If you are interested in one or more of the tasks, click on the task and read more about it and if you are still interested, complete the Volunteer Form.  Your details will be sent to the HSRAA Committee member who deals with that task and they will contact you shortly to discuss the task further.

The HSRAA Committee hope that you find the Volunteer Programme an exciting development to the HSRAA’s activities.¬† We look forward to working with many of you to continue to develop the HSRAA capabilities further.